Fearless akordy..

12. ledna 2010 v 12:28 |  Akordy

DThere's something 'bout the way
AThe street looks when it's just Emime
There's a glow off the Gpavement
Walk me to the Dcar
And you know I wanna Aask you to dance right Emithere
In the middle of the Gparking lot
YeahD, A, Emi, G
DWe're drivin' down the road
AI wonder if you Emiknow
I'm trying so hard Gnot to get caught up now
DBut you're just so cool
ARun your hands through your Emihair
Absent-mindedly Gmaking me want you

®:DAnd I don't know how Ait gets better than this
EmiYou take my hand and drag me Ghead first, Afearless
DAnd I don't know why Abut with you I'd dance
EmiIn a storm in my Gbest dress, AfearlessD


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